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            People-oriented, to promote the stability of everything, people are the first of all things, the spirit of all things. 
            Talent is the foundation of enterprise development. The rigor and stability of the organization is an important guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises.
            Please send your resume to the email address.:Famoust@163.com 
            Explain the position of the application, and the request, we receive the information, will reply you the first time! Welcome to join our company!

            Recruitment position Number of recruits Work placeJob Requirements
            Salesman 1 people Shenzhen City Learn more

            job requirements

            1, good at expression, affinity, mind flexible and executive ability; 2, hard work, can accept certain performance pressure; 3, strong sense of responsibility, good self-discipline, team cooperation spirit; 4, good conduct, good strain ability and communication and coordination ability, with the work experience of the same industry priority.

            Interior Designer 1 people Shenzhen City Learn more

            job requirements

            1, interior design, environmental art related professional universities and above, solid hand-painted background; 2, required to be proficient in 3D, auCAD, Photoshop, rendering and other software; 3, the building effect map of indoor building more than one year experience, understand the engineering construction technology; 4, familiar with the building decoration project budget and project cost management; 5, can be familiar with Shenzhen's major property and building materials market is a priority. 6, there is a priority of the budgetary qualification certificate. (Note: in the interview with the recent design works)

            Project Manager / Project Supervision 1 people Shenzhen City Learn more

            job requirements

            1, familiar with the building decoration materials and construction technology; 2, familiar with the construction of architectural decoration engineering organization design and progress management; 3, understand the building decoration project budget and project cost management; 4, understand the quality and safety management of building decoration engineering. 5, familiar with the construction technology, material, quality monitoring and acceptance; 6, honest and honest, hard work, can withstand the work pressure; 7, have related work for more than two years of project management experience.

            Enterprise planning 1 people Shenzhen City Learn more

            job requirements

            1, with a certain text, strong copywriting ability, strong logical thinking ability, creative ability; 2, according to the company's development strategy, to write the corporate image publicity and promotion management plan; 3, grasp the competitors and industry market dynamics, timely formulate strategies for the business department to improve the market competitiveness; 4, 4, Responsible for the company's planning and writing of the internal and external publicity copywriting, planning and updating of the website; 5, skillfully using CorelDRAW and other graphic software; 6, quick thinking, keen market insight, industry analysis ability, good communication and execution ability; 7, two years of related work experience; successful. The case of enterprise planning is preferred.

            Tel:0755-27681268 0755-27288828
            Address: 301, Mingdu Building, No. 45 Xinhe Avenue, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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